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(A) Current version of the
      Fit File Repair Tool            
  € 39.00      $ 49.00 54.00 £ 32.00  
(B) A plus a 1 year
     update service
  € 45.00      $ 55.00 61.00 £ 37.00  
(C) A plus a 2 years
     update service            
  € 49.00      $ 59.00 66.00 £ 39.00  

You will receive a confirmation and and license file via email within 24 hours.


Important Notice: please check your spam folder if you don't receive the license file within 24 hours after you sent the money via PayPal! From time to time people think they didn't receive the file - in almost all cases the mail with the (zipped) license file was in their spam mail folder.


If you don't get the license file within 24 hours please contact me via email immediately!

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In the year 2015 between one and five updates per month have been released. I plan to work on the tool and publish updates in a similar intensity in 2016. 

Some of the updates are general improvements of the tool (new features, optimizations of the repair process, speed improvements etc.), others are caused by changes on the firmware updates (new data fields for Cycling Dynamics, Running Dynamics etc.).

Please think seriously about buying a license of my tool WITH update service. You will get several improvements in the following months and you can be sure that the tool will work well with the next firmware updates of your watch.


(1) Paypal

To order please send the above mentioned amount via PayPal to
mail<at> (replace <at> by @) or click on the PayPal "Buy now" button above. Please mention your country (your full address is not needed) in your paypal order - I need this information for my income tax declaration here in Germany - thank you!

(2) SEPA

If you live in a European country and can transfer the amount via SEPA please use the following bank account:


Account holder: Mathias Krallmann
IBAN: DE59 4526 0475 0006 6536 00 
BIC: GENODEM1BFG  (name of the bank is SKB Witten)





If you have questions regarding the pricing please contact me!